Winter Storage of your Rods and Reels

As winter approaches and the lakes begin to freeze over, most of the anglers in the Northern states have put away their fishing gear for the winter.  Like most fishermen I know the garage  has the most space and it’s where they’ve been stored during the fishing season, however, the cold temperatures aren’t doing your reels much good.  So here are few tips to prolonging your equipments usefulness and being prepared for the upcoming fishing season.

  1. Storage is tough for equipment that is 5,6,7 feet or longer, so leave the rods in the garage but remove the reels

  2. Take all the line off the reels, do not put new line on at this time. This will ensure when next season comes around you will be putting fresh line on the reels.

  3. Clean and oil/grease the reels; there is a lot of information on the web on where and how to properly do this

  4. Wrap them up in some old towels/rags and place them in a container/box inside the house.  This will prevent the oil/grease inside the reel from congealing and caking from the cold temperatures which can really degrade the performance.

As for your rods, check them over for any chips, cracks, worn guides; (use a q-tip and run it around the inside of each guide, if any cotton pulls off there may be a problem with that guide). Wipe them down with a mild cleaner, I like to use windex sprayed on a rag.

That’s it, simple steps to being prepared for the following season.